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How to Teach Articles

Featured Articles on How to Teach
Educators share their very best insights and tips on how to be your best.

Ten Steps to Better Teaching Right Now
Just a few fundamental tactics in the classroom can help even the newest of teachers make the grade. Here are some tips to help reduce harried instructor stress.

How to Develop Note Taking and Study Skills
Chad Donahue says a good place to start with helping middle school students to glean more from learning materials is to annonate text in three levels of sequence.

Learning Theories in a Nutshell
Countless books and journal articles have been dedicated to defining and applying teaching theory. Need to save time? Here's a quick summary of theories on multiple learning intelligences.

Employment and Economic Trends in Education
The first decades of the 21st century are looking good for educators overall, counting tertiary and primary/secondary teachers, according to projections courtesy of the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Dealing with Disruptive Students
It only takes one disruptive student to derail a class and drain the joy right out of teaching. Here are some tips to help convert classroom disruptions into learning experiences.

Teaching Literary Analysis
Chad Donahue provides a checklist of tips to help students better analyze the power of sentences in a piece of literature. The fundamenal question: what is the point and purpose?

Transcultural Themes Bridge Cultures
Research shows that certain themes and images in international classrooms can encourage resonant interactions between cultural groupings. This article includes video clips demonstrating how it works.

Universal Learning at a Distance
New technologies may provide a reach to nearly every corner of the planet with education opportunities. More than a matter of means and money, it could come to a matter of will.

Teaching Theory and Practice Texts
It's fun and frequently enlightening to take a quick glance at the bookcases of your colleagues. Here are some of my all-time favorite teaching reference books, journal articles and such sitting handy on my shelves.

Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round
A metaphor-weary adjunct slams the brakes on a familiar adage that casts contingent teachers in a role of 'where the rubber meets the road' -- but rings more as a 'eulogy for road kill.' 

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