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Steven R. Van Hook

Ten Steps to Better Teaching

Just a few fundamental tactics in the classroom can help even the newest of teachers make the grade. Here are some tips to reduce harried instructor stress.
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Learning Theory in a Nutshell

Countless books and journal articles have been dedicated to defining and applying teaching theory. Need to save time? Here's a quick summary of theories on multiple learning intelligences.
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Your career future in education: how to get started and grow.
Key ABCs and 123s:
Teaching Basics
Top news & notices from academia.
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            In Brief: Teacher Employment Trends

The old joke says it's hard to make predictions, especially about the future. But here's a brief take on where education and educators may find themselves in the days and decades to come.
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How to start your first classroom day, prepare engaging classroom materials, develop a career in education, and much more in this expanding collection.

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Your teaching kit: preparing lesson plans, working with difficult students, coping with administrative chores, links to classroom gadgets. Nuts, bolts, and how-to's.

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